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About HTSM

Harvest Time is committed to raising up leaders in the next generation, preparing them for full time ministry and a life fully dedicated to God through Harvest Time School of Ministry.

Students who attend the HTSM will experience high quality education along with a wide range of ministry experience. These two key areas are held together by the heart of the school: life on life discipleship from ministry leaders. As a part of their time with us students will be engaged in life giving and life building relationships that will shape their character as they go forward into their future.

At Harvest Time School of Ministry you will be trained in your ministry calling while also experiencing an excellent academic program. As a Full Time student, your schedule will be filled with opportunities to experience hands-on training in your desired area of ministry. Our goal is to develop a generation of leaders who will impact this world for Christ by serving faithfully in the local church.

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It is our desire to provide a solid biblical foundation to partner with the ministry training you will receive. Each of these courses will deepen your understanding of God’s Word and encourage the development of a biblical theology.

The academic curriculum will also explore the truth of Gods word in your life and be a practical tool for every day living.

Students in their first year have the option of pursuing either a Certificate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University along with receiving a certificate in Christian Apologetics and Christian Counseling, or completing their freshman year of coursework towards an Associates Degree of Biblical Studies*  from Moody Bible Institute. Below is an explanation of the two different courses of study.

* Associates degree is completed in second year of enrollment with HTSM.

Certificate of Biblical Studies • Christian Apologetics • Christian Counseling (First Year)

The Certificate of Biblical Studies will give you a solid understanding of the Bible and help to clarify the ministry call on your life. You will be taken through key concepts and practices in the Bible. First year academics are facilitated through Liberty University, Biola University, and American Association of Christian Counselors. Students will be eligible for up to 30 college credit hours upon completion.

2014-2015 Class Schedule and Certificate Breakdown


Upon completion of the Certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures;
  • Evidence the hermeneutical skills to identify Scripture and make proper application;
  • Articulate biblical doctrine from a Pentecostal perspective;
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate the truth of Christ’s message of salvation to others;
  • Give evidence of personal growth and maturity in the Christian faith; and
  • Demonstrate a commitment for lifelong learning and ministry.


Associate of Biblical Studies (Second Year)

Students will earn an Associates in Biblical Studies upon completion of their second year. The coursework will cover a wide rang of topics and will engage students in deeper biblical study along with covering general study classwork.

 2014-2015 Class Schedule and Degree Breakdown


Upon completion of the Associate degree, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the content and teachings of Scripture;
  • Articulate an understanding of basic Christian doctrines from a Pentecostal perspective;
  • Evidence a knowledge of Christian tradition and practices;
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the fundamentals and practices of ministry;
  • Articulate a basic Christian worldview and lifestyle;
  • Evidence growth and development in spiritual discipline; and
  • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong enrichment.


Academic iPad

Students will receive their own personal iPad as part of their enrollment with HTSM, for both Certificate and Associates programs. It will come loaded with their curriculum materials, books, and other extras that will enrich their academic experience.

*Students are eligible for their iPad once  50% of their financial payment obligation has been met.



Harvest Time has a unique blend of lasting legacy and powerful mission. Having been established for over 40 years in the Fort Smith region, Harvest Time is poised to move forward with our mission to REACH, EMBRACE, ENGAGE, and GROW people in a way that we never have before.

Our mission can be seen in everything we do. Whether its helping single moms or teaching children through our Kids University; leading worship for a variety of ages and services or leading a small group discussion, we are always looking to move people forward in their relationship with Christ. We truly believe that God has a plan for every single person and desire to help everyone discover what that plan is.


Ministry Tracks

Ministry Tracks provide a powerful vehicle within Harvest TIme to equip and train you for excellence and effectiveness in a specific ministry area that you choose. Ministry Tracks will afford you the opportunity to participate in ministry rather than trying to learn by observation only. As a student you will be interacting with the Harvest Time staff on a weekly basis. You will be held to a high standard of conduct and learning and will be expected to apply yourself to your fullest potential. Students will engage in their ministry tracks for a minimum of ten hours per week. Training you for ministry in this way builds confidence and gives you the ability to succeed when you are launched into your ministry calling.


 Media Track

The Media Track offers the unique opportunity to minister to people through creative arts. Students in the Media Track will be trained in and develop skills in photography, graphic design, video editing and production. The Media Track is also involved with many aspects of producing services at Harvest Time. Using your creativity and state of the art technology, you will be trained how to reach thousands with the message of Jesus.

Student Track

If it is your heart’s desire to see this current generation of High School and Junior High students fully embrace God’s calling on their lives, then the Student Track is for you. You will be a vital part of the ministry that is taking place through harvest Time directly to the next generation. The practical experience you will gain from leading small groups, helping to plan services, learning to communicate effectively, and building and leading teams will prepare you to be launched into ministry. If God is leading you toward serving in student ministry, there is no better place to develop skills to lead a revival in this generation!

 Worship Track

The Worship Track is for musically gifted students who desire to develop their gifts in worship ministry. Following your acceptance through the auditioning process, your skills will be honed through one-on-one time with vocalists, musicians, and songwriters. You will have sessions in music theory, vocal training, and song writing. As your skills and gifts develop, you may have the opportunity through the many ministries of Harvest Time to lead people from stage into God’s presence.


Kids Ministry Track

Children’s Track invests in and grows the future leaders of the Church. Even at a young age children are able to do great things for the kingdom. If you love children and want to see them grow in their relationship with Christ, then the Children’s Track is for you. Through this track you will be trained in the many facets of Children’s ministry, from building stage designs and scripting videos to leading worship from stage and teaching God’s Word. Children’s Track is for those who are willing to think outside the box and have a whole lot of fun!

Pastoral Ministry

The Pastoral Ministry track trains students for a pastoral role in a local church. Students will work with the Care, Outreach, and Small Group Directors. They will be a part of planning and implementing events, receive training and experience with counseling and communication, and gain insight into the ingredients and structure for leading a healthy church.


Harvest Time is highly invested into missions work all around the world. We take very strongly Jesus words to “Go into all the world” and are actively reaching the lost in foreign nations and taking Jesus into as many homes as we can.

Having helped to start dozens of churches around the world, we play an active role in mentoring and training both the church and the local leadership where we have planted. As a HTSM student, you will be required to participate in one mission trip per year.

Students will be traveling to previously established churches and helping in multiple projects ranging from evangelism, conferences, pastoral training, kids ministry, and social action initiatives. This is truly an experience that will leave you marked and changed, and give you the chance to advance the Kingdom of God.

The cost of the trip is not included in tuition. The price will range from $1,200 to $2,000, plus other supplies that may be needed. All students will receive training and preparation for their trip, along with fundraising opportunities.


Student Life


Jesus made it very clear what we are to do with our lives when he said “Go and make disciples”. These words are at the heart of what we do and what you will experience as a student with HTSM. You will be given opportunities to grow in your devotion with God along with key relationships to walk alongside of you.

The discipleship experience as a HTSM student is based both in you being poured into, and you pouring into others. You will spend significant time with Ministry Directors and staff members who have made it a high priority to help you become the person God has called you to be.



Chapel is one of the most significant parts of HTSM. It is a time full of life and God’s presence. You will be able to experience God’s presence through worship and prayer and hear a message from the pastoral team. In our chapel services you will be encouraged, challenged, and given the opportunity to grow in your walk with God.



Two essential parts of our Christian walk are the Bible and prayer. As a student you will have daily focused prayer and study times that will be the foundation for your spiritual growth. Being able to learn, grow and pray with your fellow classmates will become a significant part of your daily life.



You will participate in a Life Group which is designed to assist you as a student in developing a lifestyle of personal discipleship. Life Group interactions will also give opportunity for the development of community with other students and your Life Group Leader.



As a second year student you will serve as a Life Group Leader for an assigned group of first year students.  Your leadership role will focus upon building relationship with your group, and the intentional practice and application of scriptural principles for life and ministry.


Whether your a natural born leader or still discovering your leadership abilities, we want to help you reach the fullest potential of your leadership ability. We will spend time with you teaching leadership principles and qualities, along with giving you the opportunity to live out what your taught on a regular basis.



You will have the opportunity to learn the dynamics and qualities of a successful leader through our leadership training classes. Classes are taught by the Harvest Time staff along with area business leaders, giving you broad perspective and training in all areas of leadership.



People are the heart of Harvest Time. We strive to connect with every individual, specifically getting them invested into a small group. Because of this desire every HTSM student will serve in a leadership role in a Small Group at Harvest Time.



Students will serve in our weekend services in the area of their ministry track. They will assist our staff and be a key part of our weekend experience.



Community Impact is the local outreach ministry of Harvest Time. Students will be a part of major outreach events and experience life on life ministry with those who are hurting or in need.



As a student you will have the opportunity to play a major role in our ministry and gain valuable experience that will be with you as you move forward into your future. Every student will be placed onto a ministry team and be relied upon heavily to further the mission and more importantly to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God.

  • Media
  • Youth
  • Worship
  • Kids
  • Pastoral



One of the most exciting and memorable parts of being a student with HTSM is the chance to minister locally, regionally, and nationally. Harvest Time is a church that reaches all over the nation and students will be a part of reaching into this network and ministering to people all over the nation.


While our degree coursework is overseen by Institute professors, students will have access to staff teachers that will assist and encourage the learning process.



Students will earn a Certificate of Biblical Studies their first year, and an Associates of Biblical Studies their second year.

Coursework is facilitated online along with weekly teaching and assistance from HT Staff.



A major part of our academics is the teaching students receive in studying the Bible. You will be held taught different methods of Bible study and held accountable for study and memorization.



A pressing need today is the ability to steward finances in a God honoring way. Many people have never been taught biblical principles of money or good financial practices to promote good stewardship. You will learn all this and more through Dave Ramsey’s FPU coursework. This class is extremely practical and informative and will help you in multiple areas from getting out of debt to saving, budgeting and much more.


Many of our students choose to live in their current homes or with relatives in order to save money. If you’re not from the Fort Smith area, we can connect you with incoming students for the potential of renting apartments together in order to lower the cost.


Final Calendar



 Certificate (1 year program) : $4,000

Receive certificates from:

  • Biola University
  • AAC
  • Liberty University

30 credit-hours at Liberty University
Not eligible for financial aid

Books and Supplies = $3,500
Internship Fees = $300
Registration = $200
Total Cost: $4,000

Associates (2 year program) : $14,830

Degree issued by Moody Bible Institute
Financial Aid Eligibility for both years


Moody Bible Institute
Tuition: 30 hrs @ $201/hour*: $6,030

Books & Supplies: $1,300

YEAR 1 COST: $7,330

Moody Bible Institute
Tuition: 30 hrs @ $225/hour*: $6,750

Books & Supplies: $750

YEAR 2 COST: $7,500

*Tuition rate subject to change.

Mission Trip

Students will participate in a missions trip each year. The cost for these will vary, but can be expected to be around $1,500. While this is not included in tuition cost, HTSM will help to provide fundraising opportunities for students mission payments.



Students must pay in full or establish a payment plan with the HTSM offices by August 16, 2014.




 STEP 1 | Application

Submit your online application. The application must be completed in its entirety before it will be submitted to the Admissions Office.
Applying for the Associates program requires the completion of two application processes. You will be contacted by our offices with more specific instruction in regards to this.


 STEP 2 | Application Forms/Items

  • Pastoral Reference - (download) This form is to be sent to our admissions office first. Upon acceptance it will be issued to Moody Bible Institute.
  • Background Check - (download)

These can all be submitted via email to or mailed to:

Harvest Time
HTSM Admissions
3100 Briar Cliff Ave
Fort Smith, AR 72908


 STEP 3 | Interview

You will be contacted by our offices to establish an interview via phone or in person, whichever is most convenient.


 STEP 4 | Acceptance of Admissions

An application decision is usually made within a few weeks after all required documentation is received.

Accepted students will receive notification by mail along with further instruction for enrollment and payments.


 STEP 5 |  Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Submit your FAFSA using the Moody Bible Institute FAFSA code  001727.






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