Harvest Time has a unique blend of lasting legacy and powerful mission. Having been established for over 40 years in the Fort Smith region, Harvest Time is poised to move forward with our mission to help people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and Make a Difference.

Our mission can be seen in everything we do. Whether its helping single moms or teaching children through our Kids University; leading worship for a variety of ages and services or leading a small group discussion, we are always looking to move people forward in their relationship with Christ. We truly believe that God has a plan for every single person and desire to help everyone discover what that plan is.


Ministry Practicums provide a powerful vehicle within Harvest Time to equip and train you for excellence and effectiveness in a broad range of ministries and will afford you the opportunity to participate in ministry rather than trying to learn by observation only. Every first year student will participate in each practicum for eight weeks, with specific goals and objectives for each ministry. This will give a wide range of experiences that are sure to challenge and grow you as an individual.

As a student you will be interacting with the Harvest Time staff on a weekly basis. You will be held to a high standard of conduct and learning and will be expected to apply yourself to your fullest potential. Students will engage in their ministry practicum for a minimum of ten hours per week. Training you for ministry in this way builds confidence and gives you the ability to succeed when you are launched into your ministry calling.

Student Ministry Practicum

As a part of our Student Ministry practicum you will be a vital part of the ministry that is taking place through Harvest Time directly to the next generation. The practical experience you will gain from leading small groups, helping to plan services, learning to communicate effectively, and building and leading teams will prepare you to be launched into ministry. If God is leading you toward serving in student ministry, there is no better place to develop skills to lead a revival in this generation!

Kids Ministry Practicum

Our Kids ministry invests in and grows the future leaders of the Church. Even at a young age children are able to do great things for the kingdom. Through this practicum you will be trained in the many facets of Kids ministry, from building stage designs and scripting videos to leading worship from stage and teaching God’s Word.

Creative Ministry Practicum

The Creative Arts Practicum is geared towards developing the skills of ministry through media. Students will be trained in and develop skills in photography, graphic design, video editing and production.   As your skills and gifts develop, you will have the opportunity through the many ministries of Harvest Time to serve from the stage and from behind the scenes enabling people to experience God’s presence.

Church Ministries Practicum

Our Church Ministries practicum gives each student a view of the behind the scenes ministries that make each weekend work.   They will spend time and train with various staff members who oversee Guest Services, Grow Track Classes, Followup & Visitation, Administrative areas and more.    We strongly believe that it takes each department of the church to make our services successful.  The behind the scenes areas are critical to our overall success.

Worship Ministry Practicum

The Worship ministry will provide you the opportunity to further develop your musical and vocal gifts while you serve as part of the worship ministry each week during services.   You will have the chance to work closely with our worship pastor and other gifted musicians and vocalists.  You will receive training in various ministry departments of the church from kids to youth to adults and learn everything from putting a setlist together to scheduling and more.



Harvest Time is highly invested into missions work all around the world. We take very strongly Jesus words to “Go into all the world” and are actively reaching the lost in foreign nations and taking Jesus into as many homes as we can.

Having helped to start dozens of churches around the world, we play an active role in mentoring and training both the church and the local leadership where we have planted. As a HTSM student, you will have the chance to participate in a mission trip each year.

Students will be traveling to previously established churches and helping in multiple projects ranging from evangelism, conferences, pastoral training, kids ministry, and social action initiatives. This is truly an experience that will leave you marked and changed, and give you the chance to advance the Kingdom of God.

The cost of the trip is not included in tuition. All students will receive training and preparation for their trip, along with fundraising opportunities.