About HTSM

Harvest Time School of Ministry is committed to raising up leaders in the next generation, preparing them for full time ministry or a life in the career field of their choice,  being fully dedicated to God in whichever they choose.  We receive this training at our home church of  Harvest Time.

Students who attend HTSM will experience high quality education along with a wide range of ministry experience. These two key areas are held together by the heart of the school: life on life discipleship from ministry leaders. As a part of their time with us, students will be engaged in life giving and life building relationships that will shape their character as they go forward into their future.

As a Full Time student, your schedule will be filled with opportunities to experience hands-on training in your desired area of ministry while pursuing your academic goals.  As a Part time student, you will learn how to be active and involved in your local church while balancing your regular schedule.  Our goal is to develop a generation of leaders who will impact this world for Christ by serving faithfully in the local church.

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